Minecraft mods Better Dungeons

Welcome to the BetterDungeons. The BetterDungeons mods for Minecraft is a modification for Minecraft made by Chocolatin.
This mod is primarely a terrain changer which "pastes" and generates different kinds of structures in the lands of Minecraft, complete with new mobs, bosses and items.

Fixed world generation crashes with tileEntities.
Fixed FPS drops caused by goblins.
Better AI for some ranged mobs.
Better AI for mob teams.
Reduced base damage on most of the basic mobs.
Premade dungeons(ships castles) now have the spawning chunk on the center.
Added a support structure on surface templates(castles, snow castles)

Installation and configuration guide:
Required: Minecraft forge
Instalation: Install the last version of forge
Copy the content of the folder in the downloaded zip into your .minecraft folder, like that:

Link Forum

Credits: Chocolatin
Minecraft free download:

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