The Golden HD Resource Pack

The Golden Pack is designed to be a light, smooth and cartoony Pack made for creative because the ores are not textured as ores and some block textures have deliberately been mixed up.
It is mainly made for modern type builds but still works fine for other styles.
The pack is not finished as some blocks and most items do not have textures.

How to Install
In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using OptiFine. Optifine is preferred as it includes all of the features of MCPatcher, and greatly increases game speeds and graphics settings. MCPatcher tends to be updated on the same day as Minecraft updates, so use it instead if you are in a hurry.
1.Download either MCPatcher or OptiFine. If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3.
2.For MCPatcher: Run the mcpatcher-X.X.X.jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
3.For Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod – By opening minecraft.jar, and placing the .class files from Optifine’s zip file within.

Author: FishWard
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Blokkit Mod

Minecraft mod features new friendly living block mobs called “Blokkits”. These Blokkits can be composed of various standard materials, each with its own perks and strenghts. One can create a Blokkit army to destroy his enemies or simply keep one as a pet at home. Each Blokkit can gain experience and level up by battling mobs.

Blokkit Mod

Experience System: Minecraft mod features a simple, yet effective system to level up your Blokkit. Blokkits gain experience through battling other mobs. Currently, a Blokkit requires 250 experience to level up. Upon leveling up, a Blokkits’ HP increases (and defense power may increase in a later version). By leveling up your Blokkit, they will become stronger and will serve as a more effective defense. Every Blokkit starts at level one. Upon reaching level 5, you will have the choice to do something special with your Blokkit.

Blokkit Types: There are quite a few types of Blokkits to choose from depending on your taste and/or materials. The current available types are:

Grass Blokkit
Wood Blokkit *this blokkit is not immune to fire
Stone Blokkit
Iron Blokkit
Gold Blokkit *this blokkit levels up faster
Diamond Blokkit
Glowstone Blokkit *this blokkit lights the area around it (WIP)
Each blokkit type has a different amount of hp and ap.

Commands: All blokkits have two simple commands: follow and stay. Right click while in either mode to switch to the other. If in follow mode a blokkit is able to warp to the player if the player gets far enough ahead as with wolves. One can also view a blokkit’s stats by pressing SHIFT+right click. A blokkit can be healed at any time using an apple (5 HP).

Attack Ability: All blokkits have the ability to defend the owner by attacking dangerous mobs when in follow mode. Blokkits will only attack, however, if the target mob has attacked the owner or has been attacked by the owner. Blokkits will fight attacking mobs before going after ones attacked by the player. Attacking mobs allows a blokkit to gain exp. A blokkit’s ap depends on its type.

Evolved Types: Blokkits may be evolved into special types upon reaching certain levels. Currently, only one way of evolution is available. Once a blokkit reaches lvl 5, you will have the ability to upgrade it into a larger blokkit using a golden apple. Currently, there are only 2 larger versions of blokkits: Big and Giant. Giant is the ultimate and largest form of a blokkit, but can still level up for more health. Each Giant blokkit has its own unique look. When a blokkit evolves into a new type, its exp is reset to 0.

How to install:
Download and install Minecraft Forge.
Download the mod.
Go to %appdata%.
Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
If one does not exist you can create one.

Author: BlueCube
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Vein Miner Mod

A mod to help mine veins of ores by mining blocks of the same type in a chain reaction, giving you the blocks at the end. It is inspired by Connected Destruction by Bspkrs.

It improves upon Connected Destruction by:
Can be optionally be installed in the client for hotkey support
Can have personal settings (that can be remembered using the client part of the mod
Actually uses the tool to mine, so drops are correct
Can change the settings in-game

To use Veinminer, you need to have Veinminer installed on the server (for single player games the client and the server are the same). You do not need to have Veinminer installed on the client, however it will provide reduced functionality to the clients that do not have it installed.
In order to get the most out of Veinminer, you shold edit the VeinMiner.cfg config file. Add the ids of the blocks to the different block lists to that you wish to be able to mine using Veinminer. Add any tools that you want to be able to use to use with Veinminer. The IDs should be changed on the server.
The default config file has the vanilla ores added for the pickaxes, vanilla wood added for the vanilla axes and clay for the shovel.
Veinminer has several modes, each of which determine when it is activated. Modes are specific to each player.
‘Disabled’: Don’t activate at all. This is the default if you don’t have the mod installed in the client.
‘Auto’: Activate when the keyboard shortcut (also called a keybind) is pressed in the client. The keyboard shortcut by default is ‘~`.
‘Sneak’: Activate while you are sneaking. This is the same option as provided by Connected Destruction. This is the default if you have the client.
‘No Sneak’: Activate while you are not sneaking.
The client setting in the config file allows you to choose what mode you go into when you join a game. To set the default mod to disabled, set the shortcut to an unused key.
You can use the ‘/veinminer‘ command to change the mode that VeinMiner is in for you. This can be done with ‘/veinminer enable <mode>‘ where ‘<mode>‘ is one of ‘disable;, ‘auto’; ‘sneak’; or ‘no_sneak’. You can use ‘/veinminer help enable‘ for help (i.e. info on this page).
Using the default settings, an easy way to see VeinMiner working is to chop a tree (from vanilla) down using an axe (from vanilla).

How to install:
Download and install Minecraft Forge
Download the mod
Go to %appdata%
Go to .minecraft/mods folder
Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it
If one does not exist you can create one

Author: portablejim



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Arrow Gun Mod

Basically, Minecraft mods adds a lore-friendly arrow gun to the game that is lightweight and balanced.

Arrow Gun Mod

How to install:
Download and install Minecraft Forge.
Download the mod.
Go to %appdata%.
Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
If one does not exist you can create one.

Author: Yoshidude

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Not Enough Items Mod

Not Enough Items (NEI) is a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It arose around the same time as Craft Guide when Alexandria and a few others on the IRC suggested that I merge both Too Many Items and Recipe Book to remove their greatest flaws, ironically too many items, or in the case of recipe book, too many recipies. Too Many Items was great, but the one thing it lacked was an easy way to search and sort your items. When you had a mod like Red Power coming along with 10000 items both TMI and Recipe Book were racking up the pages. Even if you don’t want to use NEI for cheating in items, you will likely feel right at home with the Recipe component of the mod.

Not Enough Items Mod

How to install:
While Minecraft Forge is not required if it isn’t installed you won’t be able to see mobs in mobspawner items.
The process for installing NEI has changed. (For the easier AGAIN!).
Install FML + OR Minecraft Forge + into the jar.
Place the CodeChickenCore jar file into the coremods folder.
Place the NEI jar file into the coremods folder.
Place any modules’ zip files in the mods folder.




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