Minecraft download Texture Packs Audi Ventus 1.6.2

Good thing the dark purple and dark blue combo works almost just as well!
I really do love the colours you picked for each block in pack.

Audi Ventus

Audi Ventus1

Audi Ventus2

Audi Ventus3

Audi Ventus5

A bright, cheerful texture pack using a modified palette by Steelfeathers.
Authors: Deonyi
Change log
  • Added partial support for the Better Leaves and Grass Mod
  • Added bookshelf CTM
  • Fixed Anvils
  • Added partial 1.7 flowers
  • Added lightmap, courtesy of Meringue
  • Currently, 1.7 flowers are randomised with dandelions
  • Added new Crafting Table
  • Added Sandstone CTM
  • Fixed Cobblestone Wall CTM
  • Added 2 new creative wooden planks
  • Added better glass for panes and blocks
  • Changed fence texture to tile better.
  • Added nether fence CTM
  • Added randomised rail CTM
  • Added custom language
Minecraft v1.6.2/updated 09/16/2013
Dowwnload Audi_Ventus_1.3.zip

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